AJS & Matchless Parts & Spares Suppliers Index by Richard Norman  (Revised Feb 2021)

This AJS & Matchless Parts and Spares Index is a collection of businesses and individuals from which I have obtained spares (with the exception of those marked * ) to get my machine on the road.  Please mention this web page if you go on to contact any of these detailed below.  If you have any comments regarding this page or know of a supplier that you think should be mentioned then feel free to contact me.

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Standard Parts & Spares

The AJS and Matchless Owners Club has an excellent selection of spares (approx 2000 lines) listed by original part numbers.  Also wallcharts/diagrams and regalia. Only members can order spares from this scheme, membership is currently £26 per year. Holders of a discount card costing £10 benefit from a 10% discount on all spares purchased. Members will receive a quality monthly magazine called the Jampot in which are listed contact numbers for the Technical Helpline and Machine Dating Officer.
AJS and Matchless Owners Club web site

Andrew Engineering (Leigh) Limited.  Manufacturer of replica spares for AJS/Matchless.  800+ lines available, original part numbers used were possible on lists.   Front wheel spindles now available.  They have recently increased their range with a substantial collection of Original spares ex Hamrax via the late Chopper Kempe
Andrew Engineering web site

* F W Thornton. FW Thornton is a stockist of engine parts for a vast range of vintage vehicles. They have launched a brand new website to highlight their comprehensive and diverse stockholding of pistons for classic motorcycles. This site is a fully functional searchable site that enables the visitor to search pistons by relevant words or through a full listing of each motorcycle manufacturer. Each piston profile contains full dimensional data. They stock a variety of piston brands including original Hepolite and many remanufactured brands to cover those pistons now unobtainable. They can also have custom pistons specially manufactured from a customer sample piston in the event of a non stocked part. All pistons are supplied complete with rings & pins.
F W Thornton Web site

* Stainless Steel Automotive Fastenings. This site claims to be the most comprehensive currently on the web regarding of types and ranges of fasteners available. Thread forms stocked are BA, BSF, BSW, Metric coarse, Metric fine, Metric extra fine, UNC and UNF. They do not just stock a few limited sizes in a range, in fact there are nearly 5000 individual lines currently listed.

Andy Molnar Stainless Steel Engineering Company.  Manufacturer of stainless steel parts.  80+ lines in addition to SS fasteners, rims, spokes and handlebars.
Andy Molnar Web site

*AMC Classic Spares.  Huge selection of new and used parts. This supplier has bought stock previously held by Richard Gaunt, Glenn David (GD Designs) and Ian Guymer (AM Classic Bike Spares)
AMC Classic Spares Web Site

Armour Motor Products.   Manufacturer of replica classic motor cycle parts for many years.  Exhaust pipes, silencers, special tools, seats/saddles, cables, rubbers, tank badges, petrol pipe fittings, chains, levers, wiring harnesses, mudguards, gasket sets, tank transfers, tyres, stainless steel exhaust pipes and silencers, etc.
Armours Web site

Tracy Tools Limited.   Extensive stocks of cutting tools, Specialising in Taps and Dies, Reamers and Milling Cutters  Every conceivable thread form catered for. Good quality equipment, check out the "Always Available" section for great starter kits.
Tracy Tools Limited Web site

Autojumbles.   Most weekends there is an Autojumble taking place somewhere. Some are attached to Shows but most are an event in their own right.  If you are not receiving a publication like Old Bike Mart which lists all these events then have a look in a Classic Bike magazine at you local news agents.  The amount of Autojumble at a large show such as the International Classic Bike Show (April) takes me literally all day to sort through and I'm not a serious Autojumbler by any means.

EBAY.   You will find all sorts junk to fill your house with on Ebay but there are some great bargains to be had. Anybody can register for free. Its worth signing up for PayPal as well, this allows you to purchase items from sellers via your Credit Cards. Delivery of the items you buy is much quicker if you don't have to wait for a cheque to clear. Read their tips on using the search facility to its full potential. Always look for items that have been incorrectly spelled or are in the wrong category. These items will be relatively cheap as most ebay users will not find them.

Standard Parts/Spares

Modifications and Non Standard Parts

Lead Substitute Additives


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